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Tranquil Nights

I arrived at an undisclosed location in Joshua Tree at what felt like the corner of No Where Street and I’m Lost Avenue. After shutting everything off, I stepped outside, closed the door, and all the clutter disappeared. Feelings of tranquility hit me as I suddenly realized the noise had been subdued. Beautiful sounds of []

Jumping Cholla

The experience of visiting Joshua Tree can be compared to the likes traveling several decades into the past. You’ll want to put your smart phone away and any other internet connected device or Bluetooth device you rely on every day. You won’t be needing any of that stuff. Where you’ll be going, there is no []

Downtown Portland

My wife and I recently paid a visit to Portland Oregon for our wedding anniversary. If you have a weekend to kill, this city is the place to see. We love visiting new places and when we found out Portland is essentially known as Beervana, we got really excited. I’m not by any means what []

Cliffs of Moher

Several years ago I bought an airline ticket to Ireland on a whim, flew out there with no plans or reservations, and had the most incredible and spontaneous journey. I didn’t pack much, just a couple changes of clothes, a GPS, and my camera. I didn’t really know what I was doing or where I []

Mexican Riviera

I recently went on a quick two day cruise to Ensenada aboard the Carnival Imagination. We disembarked from the Port of Long Beach and arrived in Ensenada, Mexico the following morning. Ensenada is a well known little town within the Mexican Riviera, which runs along the pacific coast from Ensenada at the northern end in []