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Los Angeles Union Station first opened in May 1939.  The station now serves as a major transportation hub in Southern California to anyone wishing to commute into the Los Angeles area.  It provides service to approximately 60,000 passengers a day via the Amtrak, Metrolink, Metro Red Line, Metro Purple Line, and Metro Gold Line rail []

Powell & Mason

The Powell Street cable car service first opened in San Francisco on March 28, 1888 by the Ferries & Cliff House Railway Company. Today, people come from all over the world to see San Francisco and its historic cable cars. It’s not uncommon to see people lined up along Powell St and Mason St, waiting []

Paris Métro

It was a lovely evening in Paris, we couldn’t have hoped for more perfect weather. My wife and I were waiting for the next train at the Métro station, just outside The Louvre. The night was still young and we were eager to experience the beauty of Paris at night. With approximately 4.5 million people []

Speeding Bullitt

The above is a photograph of my Mustang Bullitt. Ford manufactured only 723 True Blue Mustang Bullitts in 2001. I was very lucky to score one of them. To my surprise, this photo has received quit a bit of attention in the Flickr community. The funny thing is, I spent all of about 15 minutes []

Le Metropolitain

The Paris metro has been in service for over a hundred years and now has 16 lines that transport millions of passengers throughout the city.  The first line was completed back in 1900. The architect Hector Guimard can be credited for the beautifully sculpted Art Nouveau entrances such as this one.