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The Tides

Every day is a good day to be at the beach. I like to grab my favorite pair of flip flops, throw on a pair of cargo shorts, a t-shirt and just go. After a long day at work and three hours on the road, being able to kick off my shoes to feel the []

Table Rock Beach

I love exploring the coastline throughout Southern California. There are so many hidden beaches to find, all with a different view of the sunset. I get so excited when I discover another staircase that leads down to the ocean. Table Rock beach is a quiet little cove I found in Laguna Beach just off Coast []

Treasure Island

My life growing up has always revolved around being by the coast. I can still remember mornings with my dad as a little boy, walking along the pier and watching all the surfers below us. As I got older and learned to drive, I bought my first surf board and would head out to the []

Victoria’s Sunset

Victoria Beach is one of the most well hidden beaches in south Laguna area. It’s not directly accessible via Pacific Coast Highway like how most beaches are in Orange County. Accessing the entry point requires a bit of searching around within a residential neighborhood that does not accommodate public parking. Once you find it though, []

The Tower on the Beach

This Victorian style tower was built at Victoria Beach in 1926. Its original purpose was to provide a staircase as an access point to the beach for the residents above. Although access inside the tower appears to be closed to the public now, the tower has become quite an attraction for local photographers who are []

Victoria Beach

It was an early evening one Friday night and I was cruising Pacific Coast Highway looking for a particular beach that is notorious for being very well hidden. A lot of the beaches in Laguna are well hidden but this one was perhaps the most difficult for me to find. It had been days since []

Wood’s Cove

Wood’s Cove is a quiet little beach that’s tucked away within a residential neighborhood in Laguna Beach.  This location is known best among the local scuba diving community.  A buddy of mine who scuba dives showed me how to get here many years ago.  I had forgotten about this beach until one evening just recently []

Agate Street, Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is known for having vast amounts of tide pools among its rocky coast line, but you have to stray off the beaten path to get to them.  Only the locals truly know that there’s much more to Laguna Beach than the main beach that everyone hangs out at. If you’ve never heard of []

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