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Somber Sky

I don’t always find myself with an abundance of time in recent days. With work and family taking a priority in addition to hobby time being split between a classic Mustang and photography, evenings at the beach are a refreshing break from everyday life. What has made things more difficult is that I’ve been feeling []

Overcoming Setbacks

Setbacks happen all the time. They’re simply an inevitable fact of life. It’s our response to these setbacks that pave our way for future success or failure. The truth is, each and every one of us could sit around and victimize ourselves about how some force beyond our control screwed us over and left us []

Table Rock Beach

There have been a lot of changes going on with my normal routine lately. Since purchasing a house and moving out of a tiny apartment, I’m now living 45 minutes from the beach instead of 25 minutes. Regardless though, a little extra distance isn’t enough to keep me away from something I love so much. []

Agate Street Beach

I love the excitement of getting off work and seeing a beautiful sunset start to form with the most perfect looking clouds covering the sky. I work in Los Angeles, quite a ways inland, so getting out to the beach on a week night is a real treat for me during the winter months when []

Cress Street

It was a little nerve racking capturing this photograph at Laguna Beach last week. I was standing at the edge of total of disaster, hoping a wave wouldn’t take my camera out. The sun was setting fast, it was high tide, and the waves were slamming into the rocks like I’ve never seen before. I []


A surfer sits idle on his board after an evening session; in a total state of calm as the sun melts into the horizon, flooding the surrounding environment with rich golden hues. There is no Facebook, Instagram, or Google. Honking horns, chitter chatter, and all other surrounding noises are on mute, hearing only his own []

Shaw’s Cove

Whether it be the wee hours of the morning or at the end of a long day, I’m always chasing the sun, looking for that perfect light.  There’s something really exciting about the prospect of waking up before the sun and finding that perfect spot to experience the first crack of dawn.  You walk out the []

Coastal Fog

When it comes to photographing sunsets and seascapes, I’m always looking for ways to construct an image that will inspire fellow photographers and leave my viewers in awe, by utilizing as many techniques in camera as possible. The sunset on this evening at Wood’s Cove was so exceptional, I needed to do something extraordinary with []

Moss Point

Moss Point is one of Laguna Beach’s many hidden little coves. A short side street off of Pacific Coast Highway takes you to a steep stair case down to the little hide away beach. Lately the tide has been high at sunset around this part of California, which doesn’t leave me with a whole lot []

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