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Rich golden colors flood a barren cloudless sky to produce some of the most beautiful sunsets you’ll ever see. This is the quintessential SoCal sunset. On a warm winter afternoon, we can still be found laying back on the sand in board shorts on palm tree lined beaches, oblivious to the world around us. The []

Arch Rock

Corona Del Mar is my favorite small beach in Southern California. I say small beach because in addition to the Big Corona state beach that everyone from out of town goes to, there’s also a Little Corona state beach down the road a bit that only the locals know about. It’s buried deep in a []

New Port Theatre

The original Port Theatre opened for business back in 1949 but shut its doors for business in 1998 due to stiff competition from large multiplexes. Fortunately, the building was never demolished. After undergoing renovation by new investors, the New Port theatre had it’s grand re-opening earlier this year and is now back in business. When []

Swept Away

This is the second photograph in a series of shots I captured at Corona Del Mar, California.  I love exploring the various beaches while driving along the coast on my way home from work.  This was one of those shots I captured at the end of a photo shoot after I had been shooting for []

Corona Del Mar

I’ve been on a kick lately to shoot seascapes. Ever since I was a kid I’ve always spent a lot of time around the coast. It’s a very therapeutic experience for me, especially after spending a long day in the office. This seascape of Corona Del Mar is the first in a series of shots []