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Downtown Portland

My wife and I recently paid a visit to Portland Oregon for our wedding anniversary. If you have a weekend to kill, this city is the place to see. We love visiting new places and when we found out Portland is essentially known as Beervana, we got really excited. I’m not by any means what []

Night Bright

Up in the Hills of Palos Verde’s is a nice little turn out at the top of a hill overlooking San Pedro and the Pacific coast. I’ve always heard there are nice views around this area and had been scouting for this type of vantage point in Los Angeles for awhile. I first stumbled upon []

Mexican Riviera

I recently went on a quick two day cruise to Ensenada aboard the Carnival Imagination. We disembarked from the Port of Long Beach and arrived in Ensenada, Mexico the following morning. Ensenada is a well known little town within the Mexican Riviera, which runs along the pacific coast from Ensenada at the northern end in []

Sky Scraper

I love visiting Seattle. Being there always feels like home to me. On this fine evening last fall, my wife and I took a walk to the Space Needle to catch a view of the city at night. It was the perfect evening to be towering over the city at the top of the Space []

Kerry Park

As the sun sets over Puget Sound, the last direct sun light of the day reflects onto the Seattle skyline and gives the buildings a radiating glow that is absolutely stunning to experience. This happens only for a few minutes before the sun disappears beyond the horizon. Don’t plan on leaving right after the sun []

Fulton Landing

When you finally arrive in Manhattan after a long flight, you wouldn’t typically think of immediately catching the subway into Brooklyn, but that’s exactly what I did. I had always wanted to watch the sun set over Manhattan and I arrived in the big city right on time. There’s a platform looking out at Manhattan []

Midnight Romance

The cool spring time weather and a late night stroll with that special someone along a secluded antique style pier, make San Francisco’s Pier 7 the perfect spot for a romantic evening. Pier 7 is one of the most beautiful piers in all of California. Its architecture is reminiscent of the Victorian age with it’s []

Golden Coast

I love cityscapes as much as I love seascapes. I spent a great deal of time researching the perfect location to capture the San Francisco Skyline from and all signs kept pointing to Yerba Buena island. When I finally stepped foot on the island, I hiked up to the highest point I could get to, []

Rush Hour

Having always been intrigued by large cities and skyscrapers, I decided to drive into Downtown Los Angeles one evening and look for a good vantage point to capture the L.A. skyline from. Without really knowing where to go, I parked my car at the convention center and started walking up Figueroa street. The particular location []

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