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The Difference Between 3.2 and 30 Seconds

Cameras can be a rather confusing mess of technology for those just starting off in Photography. It’s easy to just leave the camera in auto mode and let the camera do all the work. But then you start looking at other people’s shots and start asking why your photos don’t look like theirs. Some will []

Overcoming Setbacks

Setbacks happen all the time. They’re simply an inevitable fact of life. It’s our response to these setbacks that pave our way for future success or failure. The truth is, each and every one of us could sit around and victimize ourselves about how some force beyond our control screwed us over and left us []

Ordering Replacement Parts for your Gitzo Tripod

Theres no doubt amongst photographers that Gitzo makes some of the best tripods known to man.  Their product support however, has left a rather sour taste in my mouth that leaves me questioning if my next tripod will be a Gitzo.  Really Right Stuff has emerged as a worthy contender among tripod makers, but for []

What’s Your Backup Plan?

If you shoot photos, whether you consider yourself a photographer, a hobbyist, or whatever, backing up your photos is as critical as being in the right place at the right time with your camera ready to go. The fact is, accidents happen and they’re unavoidable. Not to be a stick in the mud but even []

Professional Prints

While visiting the galleries at the Annenberg Space For Photography in Los Angeles, and Peter Lik’s galleries in Las Vegas, I came to the realization that capturing beautiful scenery with a camera and processing the photographs isn’t enough of an expression for me. I love sharing my work and I feel that printing my photos []

Speeding Bullitt

The above is a photograph of my Mustang Bullitt. Ford manufactured only 723 True Blue Mustang Bullitts in 2001. I was very lucky to score one of them. To my surprise, this photo has received quit a bit of attention in the Flickr community. The funny thing is, I spent all of about 15 minutes []