Somber Sky

Laguna Beach, CA

Laguna Beach, CA

I don't always find myself with an abundance of time in recent days. With work and family taking a priority in addition to hobby time being split between a classic Mustang and photography, evenings at the beach are a refreshing break from everyday life. What has made things more difficult is that I've been feeling a bit uninspired and discouraged lately. I knew I had to get out and shoot again though to get out of this funk. I didn't know where to go, nor did I even know what I wanted to photograph. I just knew I had to get myself out there and that I could count on Crescent Bay as a source of inspiration in a time of need. I've been visiting this spot for years, it is one of my many happy places. I know I've said this before but it's truly one of two places I can always go back to and never get sick of photographing.

Making the decision to get out of the house and do this, I got in my car feeling hopeful. I threw back the sun roof, put on my favorite Social Distortion playlist, and just started to drive. The feeling was quite liberating. The weather report promised me cloudy skies for what I imaged would be a vibrant sunset to spark some excitement within me. As soon as I hit highway 133 and saw the heavy marine layer, I knew conditions were not going to be what I had expected. When I arrived, I spent a few minutes wandering up and down the beach, wondering what to do, and contemplating the disappointment that was overwhelming me. June gloom was living up to its typical reputation but I still felt great just digging my toes into the sand, smelling the salty ocean air, listening to the waves crashing, and feeling the ocean mist. I dug my camera out of my bag for the first time in what felt like ages, attached my 16-35mm lens to the camera body, and enjoyed the beauty that was surrounding me.

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