Underground Girl

Underground Girl | Hollywood, California

Underground Girl | Hollywood, California

I love Los Angeles and yet it frustrates me all the same. We're talking an area with such a vast expanse that makes commuting a royal pain. Our roads and freeways were not designed for the volume of people that move through them every day. It really doesn't matter what time of day or what day of the week you need to get into or out of Los Angeles, you can pretty much always expect to hit tons of traffic. It's just a way of life that we all deal with and have grown to accept. We don't know any different.

Los Angeles is WAY behind the times when it comes to public transportation. Thankfully, commuting into the area and getting around is becoming a lot easier. Rail services like the Metrolink can be relied on when it's not broken down or delayed a half hour due to mechanical issues to shuttle you into L.A. from surrounding areas.

The Hollywood and Highland Metro Station was designed by the sculptor Sheila Klein, who named this station's architecture, Underground Girl. This station is one of many subway stops that the Red Line connects you to from Union Station in Downtown L.A. The cool thing is if you're a monthly Metrolink rider, your Metro connections come at no extra cost. Just be sure not to setup any tripods in the metro station or you'll get yelled at and asked to leave by security. Ask me how I know.

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