Agate Street Beach

Agate Street Beach | Laguna Beach, Ca

Agate Street Beach | Laguna Beach, Ca

I love the excitement of getting off work and seeing a beautiful sunset start to form with the most perfect looking clouds covering the sky. I work in Los Angeles, quite a ways inland, so getting out to the beach on a week night is a real treat for me during the winter months when the sun sets early in the evening. On this night last month I was fortunate to be able to work remotely closer to the coast and I was able to get all my work done on time. It felt like I hit the jack pot. The sunset was scheduled to happen around 5:15 and it was already about 4:15. I quickly grabbed all my gear and raced out to Agate Street Beach in downtown Laguna Beach.

Agate Street is a really chill little beach right off of Agate Street and Pacific Coast Highway. I know, real hard to find huh? There's a stair case at the top of the cliff that takes you down to the quiet little beach. As you approach the staircase there are usually a handful of locals sitting on the benches at the top of the cliff, enjoying the sunset. I love shooting at Agate Street a lot. There are so many rock formations emerging from the sand that make for very interesting compositions. Every time I come here, I go home with photographs that are completely different from the last time.

The Setup:
Tripod: Gitzo 3541 Tripod with RRS Quick Release and L Bracket
Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
Lens: Zeiss 21mm Distigon T*
Filters: Lee .9 stop GND stacked with a Singh-Ray .9 stop Reverse GND to keep the sun from blowing out the sky
Exposure: 1.6 seconds @ f/13

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