Sail Away

Sail Away | San Diego, California

Sail Away | San Diego, California

I love big metropolitan cities. There's always so much going on that the clock never seems to stop. If I blink, I might miss something. I don't have time to be tired, there's too much exploring to do, too much culture to immerse myself in, and too many local craft brews to try, especially in San Diego. The thing I love most though is being able to go until my heart's content, then hop on a bridge across town and watch it all from a distance. It's sort of like pausing to catch your breath before you jump back in and keep going.

I've been wanting to capture Downtown San Diego in all its beauty for awhile now. I was able to take advantage of a great opportunity to do so while visiting last month with my wife and daughter. The sunset on the evening of this photograph was phenomenal, especially considering I was in California, in June. The sunsets throughout the summer months here in Southern California are always rather boring. My mind was officially blown. To help matters even more, we had met up with some local friends beforehand and were given a very helpful tip about trying the vantage point from a small park on Coronado Island instead of Harbor Island Park, which paid off very well.

My intentions originally were to publish a 5 shot panorama from my Canon 50mm lens. While reviewing my photos in Lightroom though, I couldn't help but notice a massive difference in image quality between the shots I took with my 50mm prime and those taken with my Zeiss 21mm prime. The sharpness and vibrancy that my Zeiss lens captures is unparalleled when put up against the Canon nifty fifty. The difference is so huge that I'm seriously considering replacing all of my Canon glass with Zeiss glass. Help, somebody pinch me. I think I'm dreaming and I can't wake up.

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