Shaw’s Cove

Shaw's Cove | Laguna Beach, California

Shaw's Cove | Laguna Beach, California

Whether it be the wee hours of the morning or at the end of a long day, I'm always chasing the sun, looking for that perfect light.  There's something really exciting about the prospect of waking up before the sun and finding that perfect spot to experience the first crack of dawn.  You walk out the door so early that it's dark everywhere, the air still feels fresh and crisp, and you realize that everyone else is still asleep.  For a moment, you question yourself and wonder why the heck you're not still in bed too.  It doesn't take long before it dawns on you (pun intended) how exciting it is to break out of the mold, to shake up the daily routine, and do something so amazing that so many people in the world never take advantage of.  This is what I do, and I love every minute of it.

Camera setup
I captured this photo using a Canon 5D Mark III and a Zeiss 21mm Distigon T* lens.   If you've never shot with the Zeiss 21mm lens, add that to your bucket list.  This lens is so amazingly sharp, it blows my mind.  A long shutter speed was used to capture the motion in the water, all while keeping the camera firmly mounted to my tripod with an RSS L bracket.  I used the camera's manual mode to set the exposure at 1/6th of a second, with an aperture of f/14 and ISO 100.

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