The Mirrorless War against DSLRs

I don't intentionally go against the grain. It's just that I question everything. Call it a blessing or a curse, you decide. I live my life for me and by standards that coincide with who I am and who I want to be. I don't typically follow current trends unless it makes sense for what I want to do. I'm intrigued by mirrorless cameras, but at the moment, it doesn't make sense for me to incorporate one into my work flow.

Before I start, I'd like to clue you in on a very important fact that few people outside of the technology and photography blogosphere know or realize. Social media superstars receive free kick backs from companies for "reviewing" their products. Remember that next time your favorite blogger starts heavily promoting something.

Large companies like Sony are very eager to get their product into the hands of those who have a large following. The idea is, if you can get your product into the hands of the influential few who represent a mass following, large scale adoption will occur. It's a very power marketing strategy that a lot of companies are quickly catching onto. Consumers tend to trust the opinions of influential public figures whom they admire and look up to.

It seems everywhere I look I'm reading something about how mirrorless cameras are the wave of the future and how the DSLR is going the way of the dinosaur. Quite frankly, I don't get it with this war that's going on between the two crowds. To give you a more down to earth analogy, it would be like saying Honda is going to overtake Porsche. Both companies build great products that serve a common purpose, yet cover a completely different market.

In the end it matters very little what camera you use. What matters is the art you create with it. The style of your photography will dictate which type of camera is best to use.

Since I have an assortment of DSLR lenses and filters that I use, adding all this bulk to a mirrorless camera negates the primary advantage of using a small form factor mirrorless camera. There would be no point in me switching to the mirrorless format only to bulk it back up with my Lee filter system. If you aim to travel as lightly as possible with the notion that corrections and adjustments will be made in Photoshop, then a mirrorless camera is absolutely the way to go.

Sony did not manufacture its line of mirrorless cameras with the intent to overtake the DSLR market. Sony is targeting photographers who specifically want a highly portable 35mm format camera that will take great photos.

The traditional DSLR and the mirrorless cameras are aimed at serving two very different types of photographers. Perhaps one day the two paths will cross. Until that happens, expect the DSLR to stick around for awhile.

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