Coastal Fog

Coastal Fog | Wood's Cove - Laguna Beach, California

Coastal Fog | Wood's Cove - Laguna Beach, California

When it comes to photographing sunsets and seascapes, I'm always looking for ways to construct an image that will inspire fellow photographers and leave my viewers in awe, by utilizing as many techniques in camera as possible. The sunset on this evening at Wood's Cove was so exceptional, I needed to do something extraordinary with my camera to capture how magical the experience was. My Lee 10 stop neutral density filter allowed me to capture this incredible 91 second exposure.

When you're shooting in raw format as I do, some degree of color correction and processing is needed since the camera is not applying the color profiles it does when you shoot in JPEG mode. I am by no means a purist that looks down on incorporating post processing techniques. I will however, try to get my photographs as perfect as possible to minimize the amount of time I need to spend on the computer editing photos.

I like to regard myself as being a photographic artist, and that means using the right filters and lenses for my camera to get the photo close to how I envisioned capturing the scene before I begin my post processing workflow. Of course this is just my personal philosophy on how I approach photography. There is no right or wrong way to go about it.

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