Treasure Island

Treasure Island | Laguna Beach, California

Treasure Island | Laguna Beach, California

My life growing up has always revolved around being by the coast. I can still remember mornings with my dad as a little boy, walking along the pier and watching all the surfers below us. As I got older and learned to drive, I bought my first surf board and would head out to the Huntington cliffs in my Mustang with my friends to catch waves every chance we got. After I bought my first DSLR, my time spent at the beach evolved into photographing the waves while watching the sunset. That's about when I embarked on a project to photograph the many landscapes of the pacific coastline. I don't expect the project to take anything short of a lifetime to complete. Watching the sunset along the coast is so much a part of who I am that my love and fixation will not subside. My goal is to further my journey up the California coast into the Pacific northwest. For now though, I'm focusing on the coastal regions throughout Southern California. Which brings me to my recent explorations into the many hidden beaches throughout Southern California, especially within Laguna Beach.

Treasure Island is among my favorite beaches in Laguna. A nearby stair case takes you to the top of the neighboring cliffs where you are greeted with a park that's just amazing for a romantic sunset picnic with the one you love. The Montage resort overlooking Treasure Island reflects a small glimpse of high society that leaves you dwelling on what it must be like, as you pass by in awe. The rock formations are absolutely stunning and around this time of year the position of the sun in relation to this beach is perfect for watching the sunset. It's not uncommon to see couples out on the rocks with their arms around one another enjoying the sounds of the waves crashing while watching the setting sun transform the sky into a beautiful light show.

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