Arch Rock

Arch Rock | Corona Del Mar, California

Arch Rock | Corona Del Mar, California

Corona Del Mar is my favorite small beach in Southern California. I say small beach because in addition to the Big Corona state beach that everyone from out of town goes to, there's also a Little Corona state beach down the road a bit that only the locals know about. It's buried deep in a very prestigious residential neighborhood containing multi-million dollar mansion that overlook the small beach from the cliff top.

That's not why it's my favorite small beach though. Little Corona is facing just the right position in relation to the sun to capture the magical light from the sunset. The rock formations surrounding the beach provide some of the most amazing coastal photo opportunities in Southern California. The fact that Little Corona rarely gets too crowded except for on a hot summer afternoon, is certainly an added bonus.

The big rock formation off in distance is often referred to as Arch Rock. This photograph is a single 120 second exposure, shot with a Lee 10 Stop neutral density filter and stacked with a Lee .9 stop graduated neutral density filter. The creamy cloud formations are the result of leaving my shutter open for a long time, which is a requirement when shooting with the Lee Big Stopper due to how dark it is.

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