Sky Scraper

Sky Scraper | Seattle, Washington

Sky Scraper | Seattle, Washington

I love visiting Seattle. Being there always feels like home to me. On this fine evening last fall, my wife and I took a walk to the Space Needle to catch a view of the city at night. It was the perfect evening to be towering over the city at the top of the Space needle. The weather was cool out but not cold and it wasn't the least bit crowded.

I love the perspective of being high in the sky and looking down at the busy world below. I had imagined capturing a full 360 degree view of Seattle from up top the Space Needle, but the chain link fence was restricting me to a single frame. Setting up my tripod to avoid capturing the fence in the photo was tricky. With some creative finagling, I managed to get the tripod and camera positioned just right for this final shot of the evening.

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