Professional Prints

While visiting the galleries at the Annenberg Space For Photography in Los Angeles, and Peter Lik's galleries in Las Vegas, I came to the realization that capturing beautiful scenery with a camera and processing the photographs isn't enough of an expression for me.

I love sharing my work and I feel that printing my photos is the next evolutionary step for me to take. My ultimate goal is to display my printed work for fine art enthusiasts to see and appreciate, without all the distracting elements of the online world we spend so much time in. I am excited to announce that in addition to sharing my photographs online, a limited quantity of my printed work will soon be available.

I just finished submitting my test prints to White House Custom Color and Bay Photo. Now that I have accounts with two professional print labs, I will begin experimenting with various types of photo paper to define a specialized print processing work flow that compliments my style of photography. I will continue to announce more details as things progress, so stay tuned.

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