New Port Theatre

New Port Theatre | Corona Del Mar, California

The original Port Theatre opened for business back in 1949 but shut its doors for business in 1998 due to stiff competition from large multiplexes. Fortunately, the building was never demolished. After undergoing renovation by new investors, the New Port theatre had it's grand re-opening earlier this year and is now back in business.

When I drove by this building after it re-opened, I was so captivated by the sign and all the colors on the building, that I had to shoot a photograph and share it. Staring at this sign got me thinking, I realized how Neon signs are getting to be rare. I used to see them everywhere as a kid, but not so much anymore.

Therefore, I've decided to start a new project. I'm going to photograph every neon sign I encounter while I'm out and about. I realize there is such a vast collection of neon signs available all over the internet but no one photographer can cover every place in the world. By contributing what I can, I hope to help grow the existing online collections of neon signs that are already out there. I think it would great to some day cooperatively publish with other photographers, the largest collection of neon signs in the world.

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