Agate Street, Laguna Beach

Agate Street | Laguna Beach, California

Agate Street | Laguna Beach, California

Laguna Beach is known for having vast amounts of tide pools among its rocky coast line, but you have to stray off the beaten path to get to them.  Only the locals truly know that there's much more to Laguna Beach than the main beach that everyone hangs out at.

If you've never heard of Agate Street, don't be surprised. There are dozens of beaches just like this one scattered throughout Laguna Beach.  Buried deep within what appear to be residential neighborhoods are dozens of small beaches with rocky coastlines and minimal crowds, perfect for anyone looking for a beautiful sunset to relax to or share with a loved one.  In most cases, there is no real indication that a beach even exists aside from a small staircase between two bushes.

In search of coastal areas to photograph that are rarely frequented by others, I have discovered many beautiful places around Laguna Beach.  There are still many parts of Laguna that I've yet to even explore, which is what makes my Seascapes collection so exciting to work on.  The beautiful beach featured here is Agate Street Beach because that is the street you access it from.  In the coming weeks, I'll continue to share new photos from the various beaches I discover throughout Laguna.

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