Swept Away

Swept Away - Corona Del Mar, California

Swept Away | Corona Del Mar, California

This is the second photograph in a series of shots I captured at Corona Del Mar, California.  I love exploring the various beaches while driving along the coast on my way home from work.  This was one of those shots I captured at the end of a photo shoot after I had been shooting for awhile.  I was tired and ready to call it a night, but I saw an opportunity out the corner of my eye as I was leaving that I just couldn't ignore.  The original vision I had for this was a black and white shot but after processing it both in black and white and in color, I decided that the color shot was the winner.

To capture this shot I used my Gitzo 3541 tripod legs, my Canon 40D, and a Canon EF-S 10-22mm Lens.  I positioned the tripod so that the camera was really low to the ground, and proceeded to hope like no other that a wave wouldn't take out my camera.  This is a single exposure photograph.  I used a Lee .9 stop graduated neutral density filter to capture the high dynamic range you see without needing to use any special computer software or photo editing techniques.  I applied some minor color correction to the raw files in Adobe Lightroom since raw files come from the camera relatively flat.  To add even more drama to the dark and gloomy sky, I dragged the shutter for a half a second to capture the fierce motion in the waves.

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